Now recruiting for Study in Medicine in the UK!

Now recruiting for Study in Medicine in the UK!

Since January 2014, Study Medicine Europe is pleased to announce that it is now also offering academic services to prospective students who wish to pursue studies in the UK, in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science!

As part of our wide-range of services, and after popular demand, we are now also recruiting Students for UK Universities, guaranteeing you entry after you consult with one of our academic counselors.

We offer the same Services, including Academic Counseling, skills and qualifications-assessment, documents collection, translation and legalization; application submission as well as application tracking and, of course helping you secure funding for your studies via scholarships, grants, or bursaries.

Our friendly staff always discuss with you everything, be it your qualifications, skills, academic standing, dreams, aspirations or concerns, and we align these to a feasible course of action.

But this is not all, numerous students are denied entry in UK Universities due to A-levels, or due to lack of resources, many of whom we’ve helped enter a medical University. We can help make your dream come true, guiding you in making the right selection of the academic institution suited to your needs and caliber, effectively prescribing your academic and professional success in order to actualize your academic dream!

We also offer academic assistance for the entire duration of your studies, be it in the form of notes for your courses from previous students, alumni and affiliated teaching staff or materials through our online portal. Better yet, we help you register with the Medical Council and make arrangements for internship and interviews after your graduation, besides offering job interview training. In effect, we are there for you until you become a doctor, dentist or veterinarian, come what may.

In addition, if you are a University student who is currently studying medicine, dentistry or veterinary science or a related field, such as nursing, chemistry, physics, psychology, psychiatry or biology, to name but a few, and you are not happy with your school for whatever reason or if you are a professional working in a field related to medicine, dentistry or veterinary science who wants to enter medical school in pursuit of a degree in one of the three aforementioned fields, then you should definitely contact us, because we can help you both transfer to a UK medical University or give you a boost for Graduate entry.

Last but not least, if you want to secure entry into a premedical study programme, we can help make this a reality, difficult though it may seem due to poor A-level scores or lack of finances and, simultaneously, discuss a course of action that will guarantee your academic ascent in the UK medical university of your choice in subsequent years.

For more information, concerning UK universities and premedical studies in the UK, as well as transfers and graduate entry in UK medical Schools, please contact us in the links found at the top of this website and a representative will be happy to answer all your questions for free!