British Professors now working with NVU

British Professors now working with NVU

SME would like to announce that New Vision University (NVU), Georgia has now expanded the number of academic staff members by hiring 52 British Professors.

The new NVU professors are senior consultants with years of experience working for the NHS. They are both consultant Surgeons and consultant Physicians that hold academic positions at British and American Medical Schools. NVU students will now have the opportunity to attend the same classes and receive the same reading material that is offered by prestigious British Universities such as the University of Cambridge, Imperial College, the University of Oxford and many others.

NVU is planning to double the number of British Professors by the end of 2021 in order to create the first foreign teaching hub with more than 90% of the staff being from the UK.

The lectures by NVU UK staff started last week and they included topics such as:

  • General Physical Examination (Neurology, Respiratory, Cardiology, ENT, and Gastroenterology)
  • Basic Hemodynamics
  • The Respiratory system
  • Spinal anatomy and how to examine the spine