Beware of Suspicious Companies

Beware of Suspicious Companies

In the last few months, we have come across some ‘so called’ student recruitment agencies who request that students:

  1. Pay the university tuition fees to the company’s account and not directly to the university for the first year of the studies. Only the following years are asked to be paid to the university’s account directly.
  2. Pay higher tuition fees in the first year of studies only and less for the following years.
  3. Pay the tuition fees in one lump sum and not in equal installments which is standard among European Medical Schools.

Using the aforementioned illegal and unethical practices, they advertise very low service fees but require the students to pay their tuition fees directly to the company instead of the university. By doing this, they are able to charge the student more than the actual tuition fee and take the difference for themselves thereby hiding the actual cost of their service fees and misleading their customers.

It is important to remember that the payment of tuition fees is a transaction between the student and the University, and not something that the student recruitment company should be involved with by any means. The student has to be aware of the tuition fees in advance and pay such fees directly to the university’s bank account only.

A transparent and reliable process offered by the representative regarding the tuition fees is a very important consideration when choosing a company to work with and we would encourage anyone researching companies to work with to robustly investigate this before making their final decision so as not to be caught out.