Beware: Illegitimate Clinical Rotations

Beware: Illegitimate Clinical Rotations

It has come to our attention that a certain so-called “recruitment agency” has been offering clinical rotations to medical students that do not exist.

The most recent incident took place in the lobby of a hospital in the East Midlands. A handful of British students, who were studying at a Ukrainian Medical School, presented themselves to a medical consultant on a ward ready to start their training. Neither the consultant nor any of the staff at that hospital knew anything about these alleged rotations which caused great panic amongst the staff. Following their initial shock, the hospital administration and management were quick to clarify that they had not made any such agreement with any company and no places for clinical rotations had been arranged. Sadly, the students had already paid a substantial fee for a 10-week “clinical rotation” which they were told would be considered as part of their course by their university.

A certain company has taken advantage of the need and desire for students to complete part of their course in the UK. We hereby urge you all to employ due diligence when considering any offers like this. The aforementioned hospital has had no choice but to report those students to the GMC. This could greatly damage their chances of ever being able to register and start practicing in the UK.

SME offers the following tips that could potentially save you from becoming a victim of a similar venture:
  1. Thoroughly investigate the recruitment company that is offering you these services.
  2. Ask to speak to students who have employed similar services in the past.
  3. Read the contract that you are asked to sign very carefully and pay attention to the fine details.
  4. Verify the availability of clinical placements by contacting the hospitals’ medical staffing/human resources departments before you pay any fee.

The pursuit of a medical career is more than a dream. It is an investment of time and funds, and as such, should be bestowed upon trustworthy hands.