2018 University of Traditional Medicine Applicants Relocation Complete

2018 University of Traditional Medicine Applicants Relocation Complete

SME is exited to announce that the first generation of medical and dental students have successfully relocated to Armenia.

Students that applied to the University of Traditional Medicine flew out in 2 groups on September 24th and 26th to Yerevan, Armenia. The students were greeted at Zvartnots International Airport by the local SME team and taken by coach to Nare Hotel in Yerevan for a well-deserved rest.

In the evening, students met up in one of the hotel’s conference rooms where a schedule for the following days was discussed and timetables and Student Books were handed out. They had the opportunity to meet with real estate agents and to discuss their personal requirements for accommodations. The following day, students were taken to the university to register and given a tour of the university. Next on the agenda was opening a bank account and a few days later on to the local authorities to obtain Residence Permit cards.

Complete support was given to each student in settling in to their new apartments. The SME team accompanied the students to see the apartments, negotiate the rental fees and translate the terms and conditions into English for them.

Since moving to a new country is always difficult, SME held a Networking Event on October 1st to allow students to meet each other and make new friends. The local team advised students on pertinent information concerning the university and the city.

SME would like to wish all of the students the best of luck in their academic careers.