2018 Pre-Departure Events

2018 Pre-Departure Events

Students gathered at various venues in London to attend the SME 2018 Pre-Departure Events throughout August. These events are fashioned to inform new students of what to expect during their relocation to one of the 14 universities SME collaborates with in Eastern Europe.

The information centered on the details to make the transition easier. Students were informed on how much cash money to bring, when to start looking for an apartment, and what the agenda will be like in the first few days in general. They were also made aware of the university time table, the grading system, and what the universities expect from students.

Students that were preparing for an entrance exam were offered tips for the exams and how the exams are structured to give them every possible advantage.

Most importantly, students had the chance to meet with their future class mates and create friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

SME wants to wish all the students good luck as they move onto the next stage in their life. Without a doubt, they will continue to have SUCCESS in all areas!