2018 New Vision University Relocation completed

2018 New Vision University Relocation completed

SME always true to their level of excellence just completed the relocation process of the New Vision University, Georgia.

On the 18th of November, the local support staff in Georgia greeted the New Vision University group of students in Tbilisi International Airport and took them to Kolkhi Palace hotel to unwind after their long journey. It is our belief that planning proceeds any victory and as such, a briefing was held by the SME City Manager in order to explain thoroughly the schedule for the days ahead. Once again planning ahead, SME had Real Estate agents ready, to give useful information and real city-insight and have a quick one to one discussion with our students in order to understand their accommodation requirements.

The next day, a tour around the university campus took place, a great way to get to know the university well in advance but also to network with already existing students. Once the students were satisfied with the tour, SME’s Local Team escorted the students to the local bank and provided any help required to swiftly accelerate the process, in order for them to open new bank accounts and once that was done, it was time to connect them with their homeland, to set up local SIM Cards!

Next was the fun part. Apartment viewing. The students made the final decision, while SME’s Local Team was right next to them, to do the negotiation and translation bit, in order to ensure the prices and the terms and conditions were on point.

It wouldn’t be a proper relocation without our-now famous-Networking Event. In SME, we are firm believers that when like minded people get together, good things begin to take place. As such, it was a great opportunity for our students to acquaint with each other, share information, concerns, but more importantly dreams. Once again, SME’s Local team, gave practical information about the City’s lifestyle, ‘City-Hacks’ and convenient places of interest to visit but also to shop from without neglecting to ensure our students, that our relationship, is one that will last for the full length of their studies and not be limited to that, we’ll be next to our student and after graduation.

Closing, SME would like to wish wholeheartedly to our students, all the best to their future endeavors and to remind them that a journey of a thousand miles, starts with the first step, the one they just did!