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+1. Should I stay at the University Halls of Residence (on campus) or live in Private Accommodation (rent my own apartment)?

Most students who study in Bulgarian or Romanian Medical Universities usually prefer to live in private accommodation very close to their University as it is available at very reasonable prices (£146-219 per month). We spare you all the hassle of finding accommodation that suits your needs based on your specifications and take care of signing all contracts in a language you do not understand.

+2. Will I have a point of contact at the city of my studies to help me out with any urgent requests or health emergency issues?

Yes, we have representatives who fluently speak both English and the local language at every city of our Partner Universities whom you can contact any time you may need something to request.

+3. Do I need health insurance to study in Bulgaria or Romania?

Yes, it is compulsory for all students to have health insurance for all years of studies. European students should issue the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their home country which is nearly always for free or for a nominal fee, and which entitles them to free medical service across all the European countries. Non-European students have to purchase health insurance in their home country or immediately after their arrival in Bulgaria or Romania.

+4. Is it safe to study in Bulgaria or Romania?

Yes, both countries are two of the safest in Europe with one of the lowest crime rates across the majority of their cities. Campus security is always available and the university provides you with all relevant security information and contact details.

+5. What is the climate like in Bulgaria and Romania?

The weather in both countries is temperate continental with moderate features and very distinct seasons. Although located at the same latitude as southern New England, their climate is noticeably more temperate with beautiful blooming springs, dry and hot summers with moderate relative humidity, as well as a long and pleasant autumn and mild winter.

+6. Can Muslim students find mosques and religious food in Bulgaria and Romania?

Historically, Bulgaria and Romania have strong Islamic influence from Turkey. In Bulgaria, Muslims make up 12.2% (920,000) of the country’s population with the highest number of mosques per capita in Europe and the country ranks next to Arab countries with its total of 1,200 mosques, yet it is unique in that its Muslim population has seamlessly fused with the Christian communities. In Romania, Muslims are about 2% (70,000) of the country’s 22 million population with a total of 77 active mosques and some which are exquisite remnants of the past. In both countries it is also common for big supermarkets to sell fresh halal products and for many restaurants to serve halal food, while during the Ramadan period you will not have any trouble finding confectionaries or stores open during special hours.

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