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If you already have an undergraduate degree from a science-related area of study, you may want to consider applying for a Graduate Entry medical programme in Ukraine.

What is Graduate Entry?

Graduate Entry allows BSc holders to commence a medical degree from the 2nd or 3rd year of study. Students can complete the medical programme in a shorter amount of time and make considerable financial savings. Please note that Graduate Entry and Postgraduate Programmes are not the same. Postgraduate medical programmes refer to further studies undertaken by qualified doctors and medical professionals.

Who Is Eligible for Graduate Entry Medicine & Dentistry in Ukraine?

To be eligible, candidates must have a Bachelor of Science degree from a field of study that is related to medicine or science (such as biomedical studies, pharmacy or nursing).

Applying for Graduate Entry Medicine & Dentistry in Ukraine

A relatively straightforward process, students will just need to supply for an academic transcript of your bachelor’s degree in addition to the usual application documents.

Graduate Entry Opportunities in Ukraine

Both Sumy State University and Kiev Medical University offer Graduate Entry as part of their prestigious Medicine and Dentistry programmes. To learn more about Graduate Entry opportunities in Ukrainian universities, please contact the Study Medicine team today.
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