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Study Medicine Europe can help medical graduates who have studied at one of our medical partner Universities and wish to pursue a medical career in the USA or Canada by giving them assistance with the preparations for the respective medical examinations and the requirements for successful alignment of their medical education qualitative assessment, such as the USMLE for medicine, the NBDE for dentistry or the NAVLE for veterinary science, or the MCCEE and the MCCQE or CDM in Canada.

More specifically, Study Medicine Europe arranges a number of supporting classes or work sessions to better train students for these entry exams, which also include supplying materials, past papers, notes and tips on various subjects. We also have assorted exam preparation resources directly gathered from the medical councils of the two countries over the years, besides self-administered evaluating systems for examinations, both of which can give you an idea of where you stand with regard to the pass rate, in addition to our reference of books with notes on key areas. From time to time, we may even have some exam demos, when these are online, as well.

Whatever the case may be, we are still with you all the way!

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